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Sunday, 13 October 2019

Current Kyu graded members - 13th October 2019

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Kyu Grades
1st Kyu Chris Powell
1st Kyu David Leadbeater
1st Kyu Sam Barfield
1st Kyu Sarah Dudley
1st Kyu (t) Viktoria Rymarz
2nd Kyu Peter Greensmith
2nd Kyu Qing McKenna
3rd Kyu Izzy Haxby
3rd Kyu Alan Elston
4th Kyu Katharine Birchall
4th Kyu Kirsty Murray
4th Kyu Luke Marshall
5th Kyu Matilda Birchall
5th Kyu Aiden Aked
5th Kyu Tilly Frost
5th Kyu Thomas Barfield
5th Kyu Joanna Holmes
5th Kyu Eddie Marshall
5th Kyu (t) Luke Barrett-Watt
6th Kyu Mark O'Reilly
6th Kyu Amrit Daffu O'Reilly
6th Kyu Monica O'Reilly
6th Kyu Carl Gibson
7th Kyu Karl Rawlings
7th Kyu Sylvia Murray
7th Kyu Nevis Bate
7th Kyu Alice Edwards
7th Kyu Natalie Pearse
8th Kyu Alec Birchall
8th Kyu Maciej Rymarz
8th Kyu Rufus Savage
8th Kyu George Alderman
8th Kyu Hannah Steen
8th Kyu Lynn Steen
8th Kyu Jack Holmes
8th Kyu Jesse Holmes
8th Kyu John Gibson
8th Kyu Rose Gibson
8th Kyu Tom Orviss
8th Kyu Sam Guthrie
8th Kyu Logan Frankland
8th Kyu (t) Jake Rawlings
9th Kyu Orlando Beaumont
9th Kyu Christian Mles
9th Kyu Julie Barfield
9th Kyu Marie Alderman
9th Kyu Maddy Eldon
10th Kyu Bronwyn Gowthorpe
10th Kyu Georgina Browne
11th Kyu Ellie McNeil
12th Kyu Lilah Greenwood-Masey
12th Kyu Melissa McNeil

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